3 Tips for Buying a Used Farm Tractor

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Business

It’s a smart choice to buy your next tractor used instead of new. There are many options available to you, and if you make your purchase wisely you can go home with a used farm tractor in Montana that will last you for years and come at a much lower price point than a new tractor. Follow these tips to make used tractor shopping easy on yourself.

Look for a tractor with low hours

Just like a used car with fewer miles on it is likely to be in better shape than a car with many miles, a used tractor with low hours on it has a greater chance of lasting a long time. The hour meter on a tractor can be changed, so it is not always the most reliable indicator of usage. According to Farm Industry News, checking for wear and tear around the cab and tire area should give you a good idea of a tractor’s hours.

Inspect thoroughly

Examine the tractor’s tires, hubs, and hydraulics for oil leaks. Some leakage is normal, but these parts being wet with oil is an indication that the tractor needs a new shaft seal. You should also inspect with an eye for wear and tear that will indicate where the previous owner stored their tractor, because tractors that have been stored inside and safe from the elements are bound to be in better shape than tractors left outside year-round.

Test-drive it if possible

Be thorough if the seller allows you to take the tractor for a test drive. Check if the steering wheel is loose or sticking, and of course make sure that the brakes and clutch work smoothly.

You won’t have any trouble shopping for used farm tractors in Montana if you keep these tips in mind. Take home a tractor that will help you keep your farm productive and last you for years to come.

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