3 Tips for Dealing with Broken Panel Clips and Scratches

A panel clip is often used to keep door as well as splash panels in place. Some are also used to hold onto body trim pieces inside a car. One thing about a panel clip, though, is that it’s incredibly difficult to pull out the clips once you break it.

Have broken panel clips to deal with? Removing broken clips can be the stuff of nightmares. No worries, though. Here are some helpful tips on tools from FamilyHandyman to give you a hand:

1. Always use the right tools. It’s crucial that you have the right tools to remove as well as reinsert the panel clips. Otherwise, you might just end up driving the clips even further and making the retrieval work even more complicated.

2. Broken clips are hard to get rid of. Pulling out the clips unevenly is one way to break those clips. So put a stop to that practice. Remember that if they break, then they won’t be of use to you any longer.

3. Use pair of panel clip remover pliers. A good, strong pair of clip remover pliers can help you pull out those clips without damaging them. The pliers look pretty much like regular ones, except for one thing: the tool has flat surfaces at the end. Use it to pull out the clips. If you want to avoid breaking the clips, do it carefully. That way you can successfully reinsert those clips later.

1. Hard to reach spots? Use a set of stainless panel pry tools. These must go from large to small and are ideal for hard to reach spots.
2. Want your dashboard dent-free? Use a set of Nylon pry tools. If you’re about to pull out something strong than these clips, this is the set of tools you’ll have to have by your side. The great thing about these tools is that they’re made out of plastic and are so soft. That means zero chances of chipped paints or dents in your dashboard.
3. Want no scratches on your door handles? Use scratch-free tools. This way, you can work on the trim around your door handles without worries. You can also use it for any work you need to do on the dash as well as console, and even for bonded parts that you really would want to keep scratch-free at all costs.

These are some tips on how you can deal with broken panel clips and keep parts of your car scratch-free. So the next time you’ve got to deal with these problems, remember that it’s not the end of the world. With the right tools, you’ll fix these up in no time.

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