Enjoy the Best Blue Crabs

Nothing compares to the blue crabs from Maryland! They are medium-sized crabs with a hard shell. You may have heard them referred to as Jimmy or Jimbos. They offer meat that is very delicious. You may be asking yourself how you can tell the difference between them and other crabs. Until you try these, you may not be able to, but once you do, there isn’t anything that will compare to them. It will change the way you order your crab forever!


You can choose between male and female blue crabs. You can also choose between the sizes: medium or jumbo. You can also decide if you would like them to be steamed or live. Most people prefer to have them delivered steamed. Then they are prepared, and you can cook them. With so many wonderful recipes online, there is no end to what you can make with them. You can also opt to eat them as a main course and create some great tasting side dishes.

The gender you choose, the size, and the number of the crabs will influence the pricing. Typically, the more you order, the less you will pay. Most retailers sell them by the dozen, half-bushel, which is a two-and-one-half dozen, or a bushel, which is five dozen.

Order Online

Even if you don’t live in an area where you can buy blue crabs, you can get them delivered to you. It is possible to get them delivered right to your home by placing an order online. Make sure you are very selective about whom you order such products from. They need to be well-known for the quality of the products they offer. They need to give you a good price and also provide a shipping method that is safe since this product needs to remain cold.

Check out the details on the various websites and ask any questions you may have. Their customer service team should be able to answer any questions you have. The company should provide you with a tracking number when your order is shipped. This allows you to get your information about where the order is from the time it leaves the facility until it reaches you. Someone will need to be home to accept the delivery. Make sure to plan for the package’s arrival, so it can be properly refrigerated.


Regardless of your decision to get this crab live or steamed, you need to follow the instructions on the items when they arrive. You might need to steam them. Pay attention to the instructions. Otherwise, you can ruin the crabs, and then you won’t be able to enjoy eating them. These crabs can be a wonderful way to enjoy an upscale dinner as a celebration or to host a dinner party your guests will be thrilled with. For more information visit Harbour House Crabs.

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