A Fence Company in Riverside Can Install Many Fence Types

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Business

Homeowners have many options when they decide to enclose their yard with a fence. Some people decide they want people to have an open view of their front yard, but they want to have a secluded back yard. They can meet with an employee from a Fence company in Riverside to learn about their options. There is a fence style to match every house and landscape.

If the person simply wants to prevent neighborhood children from walking through their rose beds on the way to school, a short picket fence is perfect. Roses poking through a white picket fence is a classic landscape design element. Picket fences used to always be made of wood, but now the customer also has the choice of having a vinyl picket fence. Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and never has to be repainted. There are also a variety of picket fence designs. Some have pickets all the same height, while other’s vary the picket height to achieve a scalloped effect.

An iron fence is also an option for a front yard. It is also very low maintenance and sturdy. It will protect the flower beds and keep the largest dog in. Because it has a more open appearance, it can be taller and still give a view to the home. Iron fences vary in height from three to six feet.

Homeowners with pools in their backyards may want to have a Fence company in Riverside construct two fences. The first is a six-foot privacy fence that will allow them to use their swimming pool without anyone watching them. The second fence is a secure fence around the swimming pool. This can be kept locked to keep small children out. Parents will be able to let them play in the backyard without worry. Because swimming pool fences are so important, local communities regulate them.

Hiring experienced contractors from a company such as the Mesa Fence Company makes this task much easier. They know the exact specifications required for a swimming pool fence. They can submit the application and ensure that the fence passes its final inspection. The homeowner can focus on enjoying their pool and not completing paperwork.

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