Accurately Measure Particle Matter and Dust with a Stack Dust Monitor

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Business

Do you need the proper monitor to measure particle matter and dust? If so, then a stack dust monitor manufactured by experts in the industry can provide you with the rugged equipment you need for your particular industry. The optical dust monitor is used to measure concentration of dust and particle matter that has been suspended in exhaust, gas that is passing through a stack or duct during an industrial process. The advantage to using this type of equipment is that it’s less susceptible to drift with temperature, dirtying optics or time in relation to other more traditional dust monitors. There are no moving parts with in certain dust monitors that would negate its rugged design.

Features Include a Dust Monitor Can Include the Following:

  • Cross Duct Optical Technology
  • Prove Reliability
  • Tested and Tried Technology
  • Designed with User Requirements
  • The Air Purge Facility Resists Particle Deposition on the Lenses

Monitor Dust for Better Working Efficiency

One of the main reasons to monitor dust emissions is due to corporate responsibilities and for regulatory purposes, or even to meet local regulatory demands. This requires industrial companies to have the precise dust monitor that will handle the job for them efficiently. Since each industry may require that different aspects are met, there is a call for a diverse dust monitor that can meet those demands. Dust can affect a filter system; it can cause a slump in function of performance which all filters down to your company’s bottom line and loss. In order to ensure your company runs at top notch, you need a top dust monitor.

Avoid Unwanted Dust Excursions

In order to avoid any unwanted dust excursions, it is imperative that you use a stack dust monitor that also has the ability to display fast moving, real-time pulses. Using the proper equipment can reduce costs including reduction of labor. When you purchase innovative dust monitors, you will be able to track trends that will assist you when it comes to identifying problems well before they become major. You will also be able to keep emission levels reduced which is the whole purpose of such equipment. The concept behind creating innovative dust monitors is to provide quality products to industrial businesses that require state of the art equipment. You can rely on the professionals to provide you with the technical support in a timely manner, as well.

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