All About Bio Diesel: What You Need to Know

You are probably familiar with the common diesel engine. They are used in so many applications, throughout a number of different industries. Semi-trucks used in the transportation industry all use a diesel engine. Diesel engines have the potential for high horsepower and high torque, making them the top choice for heavy trucks, large output generators, and industrial machinery. With all these uses, it is clear that people are going to be looking to improve the technology. A big move forward with diesel engines is the ability to use other types of fuel, not just petroleum based diesel. Bio diesel is a step away from the reliance of fossil fuels.

What is Bio Diesel

Bio diesel is fuel made from organic sources. It started with some people trying to run their diesel vehicle on used fry oil. It worked, so more thought was put into this as a solution. Corn is now used as a primary source for bio diesel. Corn is abundant and inexpensive, making it a great source for bio diesel. There have been a number of advancements in this, bio diesel fuel solutions in Minnesota are becoming cleaner, and they are also becoming less expensive.

How to make it Work

The great thing about bio diesel is that it just works. There are no modifications that need to be made to your current diesel engine to make it run on bio diesel. This is the most important factor when it comes to switching from fossil fuels. Many other previous ideas for moving to alternative fuel required changes to engines. Those modifications are costly, they also mean downtime for the vehicle. Downtime for heavy equipment can cost you lots of money, with some of these diesel engines running key manufacturing equipment. Being able to use the existing engines, as is, allows people to seamlessly move to bio diesel.

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