Allow the General Dentist in St George UT to Renew Your Smile

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Business

Are your teeth dull and dingy, making your smile much less attractive than you would like it to be? If so, there are dental treatments that can bring back the whiteness of your teeth so you can be proud of your appearance. The whitening treatments of today are much safer than past treatments. They not only whiten your teeth but help to nourish them and make them stronger. With a whitening treatment, the General Dentist in St George UT can take your teeth six to ten shades lighter than before.

To start the process, you must have clean teeth. Without clean teeth, your treatment will not be as effective. Once your teeth are cleaned and dried, steps will be taken to protect your gums, cheek linings and lips. These areas can be extra sensitive and can experience burns from the treatment. Often, the General Dentist in St George UT will paint a special sealant over these areas. In some cases, special mouth devices are used to keep these tissues separate.

Whiteners are made of hydrogen peroxide. This peroxide is at a concentration level of 35%. This is much stronger than the carbamide peroxide solution of 10%, which you will find in at-home whitening kits. This is why dental whitening treatments are much more effective than trying to whiten your teeth at home.

Once your whitener is in place, it will be timed. You may have the procedure carried out several times before you get the final results you are after. Each treatment session will last ten to fifteen minutes. During this time, the hydrogen peroxide will be able to penetrate through the enamel, dentin and then the pulp. The full treatment session will generally take around 90 minutes to complete, depending on how stained your teeth are.

Once your teeth have been whitened, you will love your smile. This will bring out the beauty of your teeth and give you increased confidence. To find out how teeth whitening will work for you, contact Hatch & Jeppson Dental and schedule your appointment right away. They can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

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