An Iron Fence – Elegant And Secure

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Business

If you are looking for a fence that provides elegance and security, look no further than an iron fence. In Ottawa, many of the city’s finer homes are distinguished by these graceful fences. They provide aesthetic beauty while ensuring everything and everyone is safely contained inside. These are a few of the advantages of this type of fencing. These are some of the reasons why some people prefer iron fences over all other types of fencing.

Why Iron?

There are many reasons why people select an iron fence. It is a popular option with those in the Ottawa region. Nolyn Fence Inc. finds it to be among the most popular of their fencing types. The selection is made based on a number of factors. They include:

  • Aesthetics – An iron fence can be quite decorative. Its clean lines can also provide an artistic grace not easily available among synthetic products. The darkness of the iron fence is a perfect counterpart to the splash of green of the grass or the vibrant colors of flowers of a pool
  • Durability: Iron fences are strong. When they are constructed of tempered, textured and coated iron zinc, they can withstand the elements. In fact, old Ottawa features many residences and government buildings with iron fences from the past that still look great
  • Low Maintenance: When properly treated and coated, iron fences are low maintenance fencing. They never rot or warp or suffer from insect infestations. They stand firm in all types of weather. In Ottawa, that is a basic requirement for all fencing
  • Security: They may look pretty, but an iron fence is also a solid security measure. When topped with finials or graceful spears, they are not easy to climb over. The narrowness of the material makes it difficult to climb. The spacing of the bars can render it impossible for someone to get in

Cost and the Iron Fence

Admittedly, an iron fence is more expensive than other types of fencing. Yet, those who sell it, like Nolyn Fence Inc., and those who continue to make it popular, find it to still be a good investment. An iron fence in Ottawa will withstand the elements, provide security and still provide an inherent elegance that many find lacking in other types of fences. While adding a touch of class, it also instills in all who see it a sense of well-being and even history.

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