Are You Washing Your Hands the Right Way?

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Business

You might be washing and drying your hands incorrectly and not even know it! Handwashing was a rite of passage for you as a child, but if the only thing you’ve changed since then has been to buy a hand dryer, you might want to reconsider your washing technique. Even with the benefits of an automated dryer, there are certain health wise habits to follow that you might want to consider.

Thoroughly Wash

Hand hygiene starts with a thorough cleansing. Your using cold or warm water is less important than the way in which you wash your hands. Work up a good lather to help you wash under your nails, over the backs of your hands, and between your fingers. Spend at least 20 seconds handwashing then rinse with water.

Prepare to Dry

Before you dry your hands, you first need to shake off excess water. Make sure you do this over the bathroom sink. Otherwise, wasted water will end up on the floor, and someone could slip. Shaking off your hands removes excess water and shortens drying time. Now, you’re ready for the dryer!

Hints to Hand Dry

Once you’ve shaken off the excess water, place your hands under the vent or vertically in the unit itself for the “hands-in” model. Resist the urge to rub your hands together. This movement actually increases the chance of bacteria spreading. Let the machine do its job and allow for your hands to dry thoroughly before you remove them.

Before You Walk Away

After all, moisture has evaporated, remove your hands using caution not to touch the interior or rim of the dryer. These places can be bacterial hotbeds and defeat the purpose of your cleanse. The unit will likely shut off automatically or after a few seconds depending on the model. If the system keeps running, you might want to notify building maintenance, so power isn’t wasted.

Healthy Habits

Getting pointers about the correct way to wash and dry hands might seem a bit odd, but consider all the different surfaces you touch during the day. Isn’t their peace of mind knowing whether your daily routine keeps you hygienic? From a thorough lathering of the hands to using a hand dryer effectively then following sanitary protocols, you are protecting yourself from germs. If you’re using paper towels to dry your hands at work, you might want to suggest installation of a hand dryer for everyone’s benefit as well as the environment’s.

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