Assisting A Family Member With Deportation Takes A Dedicated Attorney

No one wants a loving family to be separated across the borders of countries or even continents. Unfortunately, every year many people are faced with deportation from the United States because their immigration paperwork is not in proper order. While they may be able to avoid this fate, their case will benefit greatly from the assistance of a law firm who is experienced in naturalization and immigration law.

Assisting a family member with deportation is never easy. They may be in this country with an educational visa that has expired or is about to expire upon college graduation. A worker from another country may wish to make this country their home, but not be aware of the steps that are required to obtain residency status. Newly married couples may have one person who was born in the United States, with the other person still holding a foreign passport.

This is exactly the time to talk to a member of a legal firm who will be able to make suggestions and offer advice. Assisting a family member with deportation needs to be started as far in advance as possible. With enough time on one’s side, there is a multitude of legal strategies that can be researched and placed in action.

A user-friendly website that offers a great deal of information is located online at These web pages are sponsored by the legal team at the Bell Law Office, LLC of Columbus, Ohio. Instead of worrying about the threat of deportation, all one needs to do is place a phone call to their offices of contact them through their company website. An initial consultation is without cost, and all conversations are kept in the strictest confidence.

One important thing to bring to the first meeting is an original copy of all legal and immigration documents that exist in one’s name. Even an expired passport or visa is proof that it was legally issued by one’s country of origin in the first place. Couples that have married either while in the United States or abroad should additionally be able to provide a copy of their marriage certificate or paperwork issued by a foreign registry bureau.

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