Basic Tips for Shoreline Restoration in Muskego

Homes with shorefront property gain a lot of value because of their location. This makes it sensible for all homeowners to worry about the appearance and quality of their shoreline and the water beyond. There are many restrictions in place around the country that protect waterfront locations, but there is still a lot people can do to improve the shore for themselves and everyone else.

Shoreline Restoration in Muskego involves a lot of different aspects, but it is basically all about making sensible choices in your landscaping to benefit the quality of the body of water you border and to make it a healthier place for all people and wildlife.

One of the first methods of achieving this is to landscape your yard and shore with only native plants. It is important to avoid introducing plants you are not familiar with because any could become an invasive species that could overtake other plants or congest the water itself. Many states will offer planting guides that provide definitive lists of native foliage and many often provide links to where these plants can be purchased. A local landscape specialist can also provide you with suggestions of attractive native plants and shrubs to choose from.

Erosion control and the protection of native habitats is also important and should always be a consideration in the placement of structures including docks. Another factor to remember is runoff. All chemicals like pesticides and fertilizer applied to lawns and gardens bordering water have the potential to poison the water. Animal and plant life can be destroyed and destructive side effects like algae bloom could occur.

Homeowners who have waterfront property should look for natural ways to control pests and keep their gardens healthy. They should also be cautious about over-watering their lawns and gardens to reduce the amount of runoff each lawn creates.

Many homeowners do not have the knowledge, time or patience to deal with Shoreline Restoration in Muskego on their own. A landscaping company can help to provide the year round care, but it is important to choose a company that specializes in this type of landscaping to ensure everything is done correctly. If you do not already have a company in mind, check out to learn more. You can also visit their Facebook page for more information.

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