Benefits of Landscaping in Westport, Connecticut

by | Nov 1, 2014 | Business

Human existence has been tied to nature since times immemorial. Study reveals that there are a multitude of environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits to be derived from well-maintained landscapes. Connecting with plants and trees has been shown to provide immeasurable health and emotional benefits. Since you cannot always travel to the rain forest or the woods, you may derive the same satisfaction by modifying your yard. Here are reasons landscaping in Westport, Connecticut is recommended.

1. Proper arrangement of landscaped plants around your property can substantially reduce both the cold air infiltration and heat loss through the walls and floors. This is important especially during the winter months.

2. If you position trees carefully around your home, you may significantly reduce your household energy consumption for cooling and heating by up to 25%.

3. Proper landscaping can substantially benefit the environment. A fertile green space will go a long way in reducing pollutants and dust from the air, minimizing heat buildup, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and minimizing water pollution. Besides, adding trees, grass, flowers, shrubs and hedges to your landscaped land can create a haven that attracts wildlife.

4. Landscaping will often enhance the value of your property by making it more attractive. A well-manicured property with an appealing landscape provides an improved selling point for homes. Besides, most homeowners get a sense of pride and enjoyment in a home that is nicely landscaped.

5. Landscaping will allow you to make better use of your land. The installed structures and the plants you grow will help in defining your yard for various uses. For instance, a patio creates a functional area that is designed for entertaining or outdoor dining. Moreover, a raised bed will provide an area for planting flowers or growing vegetables.

The plants, structures and other features that you place on your property will impact more than just the overall appearance of your home. However, time and effort is required for proper maintenance and care of the plants, including irrigation, weeding, and pest management, fertilizing, pruning and harvesting produce. For this purpose, you may need to hire a company to provide this care. If you need assistance with landscaping in Westport, Connecticut, visit the website for more information.

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