Caring For A Dallas Epoxy Floor

People living in Dallas and throughout the surrounding Metroplex know just how challenging the weather can be year-round. In the summer there is the endless heat and dust, and in the winter, there is the mud and the rain and even some ice and snow.

These types of weather conditions can be very hard on a concrete garage floor. The dirt and debris brought in on tires and on shoes can easily scratch the surface of the concrete, and grease, oil or other fluids from vehicles result in stains and even surface damage.

Having an epoxy floor professionally applied to a Dallas garage can make a very big difference in the appearance of the space. This flooring gives the garage a showroom look with options available in colors, textures and even the look of natural stone. Additionally, these floors are incredibly easy to care for and require just the basics to keep them looking like new.

Sweep or Dry Mop as Necessary

To remove dirt, dust, and mud from an epoxy floor is just a matter of sweeping or dry mopping as needed. It is even possible to use a leaf blower to remove the dirt and debris from the floor once it is completely dry.

Mopping or Washing

If needed, an epoxy floor can be washed or mopped with water or a pH neutral cleaner. It is also easy to use a hose or a pressure washer to push the dirt and debris out of the garage with water. Steam cleaners and steam mops can also be used when and if required.

To help the epoxy floor resist stains, wipe up any types of spills as soon as possible. This can be done with a damp cloth and pH neutral cleaners to remove any grease or oil, leaving your Dallas garage floors clean and shiny.

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