Why It is Important to Have Your Wheelchair Ramp Professionally Installed

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Business

Are you looking to install a ramp at your business to make it handicap accessible? Do you want to provide a sturdy surface that allows individuals that use wheelchairs or suffer from mobility problems to enter your business? If so, when it comes to installing wheelchair ramps in Suffolk area, you want to leave the work to a professional. While it may be tempting to install the ramp on your own to help save money, you are taking a huge risk of an improper installation that does not meet the ADA regulations.

Reasons to Hire a Contractor

They can provide valuable advice on the types of wheelchair ramps in Suffolk that are available.
A contractor has experience on how to install the ramp to ensure its durability.
You will meet the guidelines set by the Americans with Disability Act.
They will know the proper angle to place the ramp that will allow for easy movement up the platform.
A company that installs ramps can complete the job faster without sacrificing the quality or workmanship.
Most companies offer a warranty on their work and will return to fix any issue that you might experience.

Professional and Quality Workmanship

Whether you are installing a wood, aluminum or steel ramp to your business. Alpha Care Supply offers the services that you are searching for to ensure the platform is installed properly. They understand the importance of meeting ADA guidelines and providing a durable ramp to ensure the job is completed the first time. From new builds to existing commercial buildings, they will help design the right ramp that fits your specific needs. With their services, you can provide visitors to your establishment with safe and easy way to enter or exit the building.

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