Check Out These 3 Things to See If You Need a New Supplier or Not

Mechanical failure still accounts for about 20 percent of crashes, says Statistic Brain, second only to pilot errors that make up about 53 percent. Still, 20 percent is huge. Finding, choosing and hiring an aircraft hardware supplier that can provide you with superior quality parts and components is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are 3 things to check to see if you’ve found the right one:


Are those deliveries on time? While prospective suppliers always promise to deliver those orders on time, logistical problems, market changes and even the weather could affect delivery times. You could end with late shipments. Those delays are going to happen. However, what matters is how your supplier deals with the problem. A supplier that provides alternative solutions is a much better option than one that says ‘there’s nothing to be done.’


It’s crucial that you and your supplier are on the same page. Communication slipups can lead to mix-ups, misunderstandings and delays, all of which aren’t good for your production timelines. That’s why choosing a supplier that’s easy to communicate with and talk to can do a whole lot to smooth over communication lines. If your supplier is quick to respond to your inquiries or concerns, then you’ve made a good choice.


This might not seem important, but the most efficient and effective suppliers are the ones that adjust to accommodate your needs and schedule. They continually improve on their process to find out where the bottle necks are and to eliminate them as efficiently as possible. If your suppliers are still using the same process they did years ago and show no signs of improvement, it might be time to seek out a new one.

By examining these three things, you have a much better idea if your aircraft hardware supplier is the right one or if you should start looking for help elsewhere.

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