Choosing an Inflatable Tube for your Children

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Water Sports

If your family loves boating, then tubing is also a must. Children love the fun of being towed around on an inflatable tube. You will want to use the correct tube for your children, so here are some tips on picking the right one.

Do not get one tube for everyone. Even if you have children with tubing experience, they will have friends and other family members along for the ride at times. If your guests are inexperienced, a different tube may be more suitable so they are comfortable and can enjoy themselves.

Get a good pump for your tubes. Don’t buy a cheap pump, like one used for an air mattress. Spend the money on a good one; otherwise you will end up spending more money over the years on tubes. An underinflated tube will wear out quicker.

If you have older children and plan on going fast and whipping them around, consider the extra danger of multiple rider tubes. There is much more risk involved when there are more than one inflatable tube riders. However, for new riders that you don’t plan to go fast with, two riders will be better since it will make them less nervous if somebody is riding along with them.

If your children are not experienced with tubing or are nervous about it, choose a tube they can sit upright on. A tube where they lay down will make them more nervous.

To save time, get a tube that has a quick release. You will regret it if you have to spend your valuable family time on the water deflating a tube.

If you have a boat that does not get going quickly when towing an inflatable tube, a booster ball will help. It is great for getting tubers out of the wake and moving along faster. This is great for people with slower boats that still want to use tubes.

Keep these things in mind when deciding on what tubes you will purchase and enjoy your summer family fun!

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