Watersport Tubing Safety Tips

Watersport tubing can be, no scratch that, is a great addition to any water sports activity you are into. There is just something about them that brings families even closer and takes water sporting to a whole new level of fun. But even with the fun they promise, there are some Water Towable Tubes safety tips you should adhere to, to ensure your experience is not only fun but safe.

Always have on a Personal floatation device (PFD)

It is almost a golden rule of thumb to have a PFD when on a boat. As such, it goes without saying that you should always have a life jacket when on a watersport tubing. It just might save your life in the event, God forbid, you get separated from your boat and tubing.

Familiarize yourself with the equipment

By this we mean you should know your watersport tubing capabilities and limitations. Know the recommended weight and size; age limits, the number of persons it can hold and its maximum towing speed. This information is usually available on the packaging of the tubing, the tubing itself or a separate manual.

Be aware of your rider

Different persons act and react differently when on a tubing. When you have kids on board, you should not tow at high speeds, take sharp turns or take on big waves. They just are not able to handle such pressures yet. Their thresholds are lower and thus need to be protected even when they cry out for more. You should never have fun at the expense of the little ones’ safety.

Firmly secure your tow line

Before you leave for the deep waters, ensure you have the tow line tied securely. Also, if you have had the tow line for some time, check it for fraying and wear and tear. If it needs replacing, by all means, have it replaced. Also, ensure you use ropes specifically designed for towing. Other ropes might not be able to withstand the pressures out in the open waters.

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