Choosing Your Pizza Oven

If you’ve decided to install a pizza oven in your backyard, you have several decisions to make before deciding on the perfect one. Here are some important questions to ask before choosing your pizza oven.

1. How many people do you want to feed? Pizza ovens come in multiple sizes. Most consumers choose smaller ovens, but you have lots of options. Talk with your dealer regarding the right size for your space and for the number of people you generally entertain.

2. Do you want an oven you can set in place and start using right away? You’ll need to choose between modular and assembled ovens. Modular ovens require more installation time and labor but can be set up in a variety of tight spaces. Assembled ovens can be installed and used right away.

3. Do you want gas assisted? Of course, the best pizza comes from wood fired ovens, but you can choose an oven with a gas assist, to help make lighting easier. Talk to the dealer about the many options available in wood fired ovens.

4. How much do you want to spend? Size and features, like gas assist, affect the price of wood fired ovens. It’s wise to take a look at several different styles and sizes, to evaluate the best oven for your budget.

5. Do you want to be able to move the oven? If you think you might move, and you would like to be able to take your wood fired oven with you, consider a fully assembled oven. These can be moved with a forklift. Modular ovens come in smaller pieces, but once configured, can be difficult to disassemble and move.

With these questions answered, you’re well on your way to choosing the best wood fired oven for your pizza cravings, and for your personal backyard setting.

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