Common Questions about SMPS Transformers

Understanding SMPS transformers can be challenging, especially for individuals who do not work with them on a regular basis. There are a number of commonly asked questions that can help anyone better understand the use and benefit of these devices. These questions can be found here.

How Does the SMPS Transformer Actually Work?

The switch mode power transformers, commonly referred to as SMPS transformers, are named due to the switching action, which is necessary to maintain the operation of the transformer. When the total amount of time on and off for the switches are controlled, the total power that is delivered to the transformer’s load can be controlled. The voltage can be sent to the SMPS transformers in, what is referred to as, voltage pulses. The duration of the pulse is a part of the entire cycle time. This is essentially the inverse of the operating frequency. The terms pulse width modulation and duty cycle come from the action of controlling the switch off time and on time.

What Are the Applications That Use SMPS Transformers?

The switch mode power transformers are primarily used for electronic applications, in most cases with some switch mode power supply. The power supply typically receives power from a DC source, for example, the traditional battery. The power supply will convert the input DC source into one, or several, output DC sources. In many cases, these power supplies will be called DC to DC converters.

There are quite a few electronic applications requiring the presence of a power supply that converts the power from the typical low frequency sinusoidal AC wall socket to the proper voltage, current or waveform needed by the circuit. The usual circuit will require a well-regulated source of DC voltage.

What needs to be Considered When Purchasing SMPS transformers?

Not all SMPS transformers are created equally. Just like virtually any other type of product for sale, finding transformers made by reputable manufacturers who know the business, is essential to receive a quality product. In most cases, this will require a bit of research by the consumer to ensure the right product is ultimately purchased.

As you can see, there are quite a few considerations to make when purchasing SMPS transformers. Taking the time to find quality products will ensure the desired results are achieved. While this takes time and effort, it will be well worth it in the end and ensure the product meets your expectations and standards.

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