Couriers Offer Warehousing and Distribution Services to Companies

by | Nov 26, 2014 | Business

Businesses realize very early that they require a place to store their items and a place to get items ready to ship. This is typically called warehousing and distribution, and couriers offer these services to businesses, which can save them money, along with providing many other benefits.


You have worked hard to make and perfect a product, and you need to keep it safe. When you are manufacturing 100s or 1,000s of products each day, you need to have a very secure place to store them where rodents cannot get into them, and that is clean. Couriers with warehousing centers can provide the safety you require as there are 24/7 security and controlled entrances and exits. People who want to enter the building must sign in and out, and there will be specific rules.

As the owner of the products, you will be allowed to enter the storage area at any time you require to take stock or retrieve the goods you require. Included in the fees are usually insurance coverage, bar coding, pest control and scanning.


The items you offer customers will differ from others in the courier’s warehouse area. Make sure the courier offers many storage options, from floor and pallet storage to racks and temperature control, if necessary. Of course, you will pay for the storage needs you have instead of a flat rate, but this could be beneficial. If you sell multiple products that require different storage options, you could save money than by paying a large flat fee.


Distribution services are also available from many couriers. You would need a large area that offered many boxes and packing supplies. Most companies have their own warehouse with distribution plans in mind, making it easy for trucks to come and go. However, if you are a smaller business, you may find it difficult to set up a distribution area. Therefore, you can use a courier that offers warehousing and distribution services. Using both of the services can help you tremendously because the courier will store your products and send them out when customers order them.


A warehouse temporarily stores products for a specific company and allows the items to be removed for shipment. However, small companies may find it costs too much to have their own warehouse and couriers offer an alternative that is more cost effective.

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