Creating a Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are hugely trending at the moment. They are gorgeous and a timeless classic. There are many ideas and decorations you can play with to make your special day extraordinary. Here are few ideas you can use to create the ultimate vintage wedding of your dreams!

Vintage Signs

Signs are a great way to create a cozy vintage feel for your wedding. Shabby chic designs are easy to make if you are handy. If hammering is not your thing, you can also find numerous options online. A vintage sign leading to your food or cocktail hour is a great custom idea. Even a vintage pub sign at the bar creates the perfect antique atmosphere you are trying to create.

Vintage Outfits

Vintage wedding party outfits would be a perfect fit to your day. Create a look that is all yours. Play with your color palette and find a look you really like. Ladies can search for their perfect wedding dress in bridal books and bridal websites. There are so many publications that are dedicated to the vintage style, you are sure to find the best look for you.

If you would like your wedding party to participate in the vintage vibe, research which era you would like them to look like. The 1920s and 1930s are two great decades that you can recreate style from.


Find a wedding photographer that focuses on vintage like photos. This one simple feature can be the icing of your day. A vintage look on your wedding photography will really take your wedding to the next level and recreate a look that is like no other. Be sure to communicate to your photographer the kind of feel you are looking for. They should be willing and able to accommodate your request with ease.

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