Creative Movement and Learning

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Business

Through movement children are able to experience the world in which we live in. Long before cognitive and verbal development takes hold, people are born to learn through their actions. It is important to know how to interact and react to your environment and yourself. Through movement, you are then able to tap through these learning patterns and begin educating yourselves in new ways that you never thought possible. Creative movement and learning go hand in hand so it is important to understand the importance of the two when placed together.

Creativity and Children
Through movement, children are able to express their creativity without ever having to say a word. Whether they are rolling on the floor, spinning in circles, or doing cartwheels, children are able to develop their own solutions to their problems. They learn how to fundamentally use their physical abilities to be creative and open to new and exciting things.

When a child sits in a still and quiet classroom, they tend to lose focus fairly easily. If they are unable to stand up and stretch their bodies, they become not just bored but tired. Even when adults sit for long periods of time they become unfocused and unmotivated. Once you stand up and take a brisk walk around the room or building, you suddenly feel a burst of creative energy that will help you continue on through your day. This is the same for children. It is difficult to focus when you grow anxious from sitting still for long periods of time. This is why movement is an important component to a child’s creativity.

If you are looking for kids’ movement classes in Philadelphia area, then NEST can help. Their program allows children to get up and express themselves through the power of movement as well as creativity.

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