Different Types of Cables

Cables and wires are essentials for a wide variety of functions and applications. For connectivity and for transmission of different applications, one can easily choose among the different kinds of cables readily available. The type of table you need to use would depend on the specific application. It helps that you are familiar with the different kinds of cables as there are certain types of cables suitable for industrial, commercial and home use.

Kinds of Cables

Depending on the use, there are different kinds of cables. These vary in terms of specifications and configurations:

Industrial Cables: These cables are used for industrial applications as they are designed to withstand against high temperatures. Choose among the different cables like paired cables, multi-conductor and shipboard cables. Industrial cables are widely used in different sectors including oil refineries, aviation, chemical plants, etc. These cables are known for its high resistance against oil, chemicals and grease.

Fiber Optical Cables: There are different cables under this category which include the Duplex Fiber Cables, Multi-Fiber Optical Cables and the Simplex Fiber Optical Cables. The Simplex Fiber Optical Cables features 1 optical fiber while the Duplex has 2 optical fibers. This type of cable is commonly used in the telecommunication industry.

Commercial Audio Video Cable: For transmission of video and audio signals especially for commercial use, there are Belden cables specifically created for this purpose. Depending on the equipment, there are various kinds of cables for audio solutions, for video applications or for both.

Aluminum Cables: they are widely used for its electrical connectivity. Aluminum cable is very lightweight and ductile. Aluminum cables are used  even for heavy duty use but you find this type of cable widely used for motors, telephone lines and lights.

Belden Cable

When it comes to brands of cables, you can choose among various options. One of the popular choices is the Belden cable. Belden is a brand that designs and creates different kinds of cable for networking products and other applications. What makes Belden cablewidely popular is that their cables are differentiated and can be used for a broad range of applications. Whether it is for industrial use, consumer electronics, broadcast and transportation, the brand takes pride in producing only high quality and reliable wires and cables.

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