Divorce Will Go Smoother With An Attorney That Practices In Family Law Practice Areas

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Lawyers

You wouldn’t go to a veterinarian when you need healthcare attention, any more than you should visit a criminal attorney when you’re dealing with Family Law Practice Areas. Family law encompasses divorce, child custody, child support and alimony. It is important that you hire an attorney who is experienced with dividing marital assets and debts and knows the law for child custody issues.

Child custody issues can become very convoluted especially when you’re dealing with domestic violence; a spouse has moved away from the area or if your spouse is less than cooperative in the process. It is important that you have an experienced attorney can ensure the best interest of your child is always at the forefront of the proceedings. They will ask you many questions such as who cared for the children on a day to day basis and about her son’s personality. These issues can give the attorney a better understanding of your kids and their day to day activities and interests.

If you’re splitting up debts or assets, it is important it is done fairly. If you worked while putting your spouse through school, this would be taken into account. If you had assets before you were married that was spent on joint assets once married, that should be addressed with your attorney. Family Law Practice Areas reach many different avenues of your personal life. You should never go through a divorce or child custody determination without a lawyer. Your interests and your child’s interests need to be fair and equitable and an attorney can help you obtain that.

There are also two types of custody that can be awarded; they are legal and physical. Your child could be placed with one parent or both parents. This is called joint custody. The courts always consider the best interest of the child above what each parent may want. Depending on your child’s age, the courts may also take into account the child’s preference or relationship with one parent or another. Legal custody pertains to who makes the decisions for your child. It is always better to come to a mutual agreement between both parents with the assistance of an attorney instead of going to court. Visit Dsternlieblaw.com for further details.

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