Do You Need a Construction Accident Attorney?

Do you think you might need a Construction Accident Attorney? Some people can, understandably, get confused about exactly what qualifies as a construction site accident. The truth is, construction site accidents don’t happen only to construction workers, and they don’t only occur in places you would traditionally think of as construction sites. If you were hurt in any area under construction, even if only a part of the area is under construction, you probably qualify to hire an accident lawyer for help. Even if the place where you got injured is only under renovation, it will often qualify as a construction site since there is currently work being done there.

If you were injured while you were on the job at a construction site, you unquestionably need to seek help from a Construction Accident Attorney. Your employer is most likely responsible for your injury, and you will need a lawyer to help prove that. Perhaps there was unsafe equipment, a lack of supervision, or an unstable work environment. No matter the reason for the injury, you deserve to be paid for any time off work and for your medical bills.

If you got hurt on a construction site when you were visiting (not as an employee), you may still have a very strong case. Make sure you do everything you can to document how you got hurt, and be sure to tell your lawyer all the details you can possibly remember about the area where you were injured. When it comes to unsafe premises, even a small thing can be huge in the courtroom.

Getting medical help for your injury is quite important in cases like this, so don’t delay in doing that. It should be your first priority. Your lawyer will need all these medical records to help demonstrate why you deserve financial compensation for your injury. The Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass work with many clients who have been injured in construction accidents. Whether you are hurt while on the job at a construction site, or you were an innocent bystander who was hurt due to unsafe conditions at a construction site, these attorneys can help. Consider calling to get a consultation regarding your case today!

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