Do you think you may have mold in your house?

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Business

If you have reason to believe that you may have a mold colony growing in your house then you should arrange for a mold inspection in South Jersey. There are two goals to a mold inspection; one is to find out if there is mold and where it is and the second goal is to find the source of the moisture and undertake repairs to eliminate the problem; without water mold cannot grow.

The obvious reason to have someone inspect for the presence of mold is if you believe it is in the home; even if you know it’s there and you have seen it is still a good idea to have the home inspected because if there is visible mold growth there is a very good chance there is also mold growing in areas that are difficult to get to such as the attic.

You will know you have mold if:

•  You are suffering from an allergic reaction
•  You smell mold
•  You have had a water problem such as a broken pipe or roof leak.

Although there are kits available that allow the homeowner to conduct his own inspection of sorts it is always best to hire a professional who does mold inspection in South Jersey as a matter of course. A professional will have experience in dealing with mold and they know where mold is most likely to be found. If there is any mold in your home a professional mold inspector will find it.

Professionals also have equipment that the homeowner will not have, things like moisture gauges and meters as well as fiber optic lights to allow inspection in the most out of the way places. They will be able to get under the carpets and in behind the walls with minimum disturbance, something the homeowner would not be able to do.

When you have called for mold inspection in South Jersey, be prepared to tell the inspector about any recent water problems you have had. Perhaps a water pipe burst or the toilet overflowed or any other moisture issues. There may have been problems in the past that you are not even aware of, if you notice any warped wood or paint peeling there may have been a leak which has subsequently dried but will leak again as soon as the conditions are right.

If mold is found the inspectors will test it and determine if it is toxic or not, once you know the situation you can then arrange to eliminate the water source and remove the mold.

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