Drafty Windows? Hire a Quality Window Replacement Service in New Britain, CT

Connecticut winters are long and cold. When a homeowner walks past an older window and feels a draft, it’s time to contact a Quality Window Replacement Service in New Britain CT. Window technology and designs have changed a lot in the past ten years, and most window frames are now made using vinyl or fiberglass, not wood. However, the windows still come in the same variety of styles. The homeowner will begin by deciding which style to purchase. This includes double hung, casement, awning, garden, and bay window designs.

Energy-efficient window panes help keep heating costs as low as possible. Instead of only one layer of glass, modern windows have up to four layers of glass. The space between the layers is filled with a safe gas. The gas provides more insulation than air does. Homeowners who want to save even more or heating bills can invest in Low-E windows. These windows are coated with a transparent metal that reflects heat back into the room. Residents will also love how quiet the added insulation value makes their home. They no longer have their reading interrupted by screaming neighbors or barking dogs.

Vinyl and fiberglass window frames require less maintenance because they never have to be repainted. They come in a variety of colors, so the homeowner won’t have any trouble coordinating the window frame color with the house siding and trim color. Homeowners will love the convenience of cleaning the outside of the windows. Instead of climbing up a tall ladder, the homeowner can just stand inside the house and tilt the window toward them. They will then be able to easily reach the outside of the window. If the window frame needs to be cleaned, they can stand on the ground and use a power washer to rinse it off.

Both vinyl and fiberglass window frames are much stronger than wood frames. Therefore, the window panes are much larger than those found in older windows. Homeowners will love the views when they look out their new windows installed by a Quality Window Replacement Service in New Britain CT. They will also love sitting next to them and not feeling a draft.
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