Easy-to-Use, Time-Saving Panel-Clips & Hangers

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There are other methods of hanging wall applications aside from the traditional hammer and nail – which can be cumbersome and damaging structurally and aesthetically. Z-clips are an inexpensive, simplistic alternative, and allow users to hang various types of wall applications with little to no hassle. Panel-clips and hangers are easy to install and uninstall, allowing you to change the appearance and functionality of your place of business whenever necessary.

Why Choose Z-Clips?

If improving the look and organization of your workspace is on your agenda, investing in aluminum z-clips may be a beneficial choice for you. Z-clips allow for more aesthetically pleasing decorations and displays, and can be installed quickly. There will be no concern about misplacing small pieces or touching up damage to your wall after installation. Generally, aluminum z-clips can be purchased in punched or un-punched designs, and are available in lengths of 6″-12″. To install, simply attach one clip to a wall and the other clip to a wall application, and then interlock them.

Quick Project Completion

From panels and partitions, to mirrors and decorations, aluminum panel-clips serve as a secure and cost-efficient wall-hanging solution. Z-clips are simplistic to setup, hold items safely, and are much more practical than other methods of hanging wall applications. Generally, you can purchase a bag of as little as 20 clips, or a bucket of 1,000 clips, depending on the company you choose and your decorative and organization goals. Whatever your needs are, you can feel confident in your z-clips’ ability to securely hold your wall applications without disrupting the aesthetic appeal of your office, garage, retail shop, or other place of business.

Professional Aluminum Suppliers
You can purchase panel-clips and panel hangers from a variety of different companies. However, you can’t always be sure you’re getting the best quality for your money unless you choose a reputable supplier. An established company that’s knowledgeable in regards to aluminum and can help you choose the right products for your project is recommended. While z-clips are relatively small, when you’re buying large quantities of them in the hopes of hanging wall applications, you want to feel assured that they’ll hold your items securely and exceed your expectations.

For aluminum z-clips and other quality, cost-efficient products, choose Eagle Mouldings. Visit their website at http://www.eagle-aluminum.com to view a printable catalog.

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