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Walking sticks and fashionable canes are used for hiking, walking, clothing accessories and for some it is part of keeping old traditions alive. The history of waking sticks dates back to the days of Moses and Egyptian Kings. Walking sticks can be from any material such as wood, metal and plastics. The styles, patterns and types of fashionable walking sticks available are as diverse as the people who use them. The Irish walking stick has been carried by Celtics for hundreds of years and the tradition was once considered a rite of passage.

The Irish walking stick and curved handle is one solid piece of wood, the most authentic Irish walking sticks are still made in Ireland by master craftsman. They can be made from a variety of different woods, such as Ash, Adler, Blackthorn, Birch, Gorse, Elderberry, Holly, Hazel, Hawthorne, Privet, Ivy and Rhododendron. They are unique, hand crafted and never blemish free. The wood is sourced locally and left in its natural state. Slight modifications are sometimes made such as adding reinforcement to the tip to minimize wear.

The history of Irish walking sticks dates back to the 1800’s and some believe that Englishmen were the first to carry the walking stick. Irish walking sticks are also known as a Shillelagh, an English writer penned this name after seeing one made of oak. Young boys were given their first Shillelagh or Irish walking stick as a rite of passage. It was also used as fighting stick and young boys would practice sparring and learn fencing with them. It was very important to a young man at that time and would be deeply cherished. There are tales of entire villages at festivals for Saints Feast Day drinking a pint or two and hundreds of men and women would pick up a Shillelagh in an epic battle. When it became illegal to carry weapons in Ireland the walking stick or cane became a clever decoy.

Irish walking sticks in this century are used as fashionable canes or fashionable walking sticks. The beautiful natural wood and deep tradition make it a special accessory for anyone. There is a rising interest in walking canes and sticks due to their uniqueness and collectible value.

Fashionable canes and walking sticks, such as the ones found at, have become a fashion statement and a must have accessory. They can be tailored made to be an extension of our personality, match what we are wearing or represent a group or activity we are proud to represent.

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