For Dependable Power, Consider Installing A Standby Generator

Unlike portable units, standby generators provide permanent power protection. State-of-the-art controls produce reliable and stable power that is required by sensitive electronic equipment found in most homes. Standby Generac generators for sale in Winnetka use natural gas or LP fuel and can run for long periods of time making them ideal for homes or businesses that require “full time” power.

A typical portable unit requires refueling and power is provided by an extension cord. Fully automatic standby generators sense a loss of power and take over immediately. When the power is restored, the generator stops and returns to standby mode. There are no extension cords as the generator is connected directly to the electrical system of the building.

What is the right size generator?

When deciding on the appropriate size of a generator in kilowatts, certain considerations must be taken into account.

  • Essential circuits: Some homeowners do not feel the need to keep the whole house powered, rather they choose certain circuits to energize during a power failure. Although what is considered essential is the homeowner’s decision, most people include their heating system, the refrigerator and freezer, lights and the sump pump. Powering only selected circuits is practical and economical.
  • Managed coverage: Very few people will have every electrical appliance running at the same time. Power management allows a smaller unit to provide whole-house coverage by managing individual appliances on an “on-demand” basis.
  • Full coverage: If you want full house power, regardless of the amount of equipment or number of circuits, choose a generator that is capable.

Never lose sight of the fact that Generac generators for sale in Winnetka are not designed to replace power supplied by your utility company, the fuel cost alone will be considerably more than your electric bill. Standby generators are just that; they are there to ensure that you have power when the utility isn’t delivering it.

Depending on size, Generac generators for sale in Winnetka can power your whole house or just selected circuits. To discuss the benefits of installing a standby generator, contact Penco Generators, Inc.

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