Four Tips for Proper Fireplace Maintenance

A fireplace is a beneficial addition to a home because it provides heat when it is needed. It also adds a unique piece of decor. Simply adding a fireplace and leaving it be is not an option, however. Proper maintenance is required. Fireplace Maintenance can be handled easily by utilizing these four tips.

Ensure Regular Inspections are Completed

The most important thing fireplace owners can do for their fireplaces is to have regular inspections completed. An expert in fireplaces will be able to inspect all components involved and tell whether or not repairs or changes need to be made. These inspections can help safe a fireplace, since they catch problems early before they become a larger issue.

Burn Hardwoods Only

There are certain types of wood that burn better in a fireplace. Hardwoods like ash, birch, and oak are some of the best to use. They will burn for longer periods of time, and they create less of a mess. This means the cleanup will be easier to handle.

Clean the Fireplace Regularly

Regular cleanings need to be performed. This does not mean simply wiping down the surfaces. The entire floor needs to be vacuumed out to remove old ashes and build-up. The cleaning should be done when the ashes are cold to ensure the owner’s safety.

Use the Fireplace for Short Periods of Time

Fireplaces should not be run on a daily basis, and they definitely should not be kept going all night long. A fireplace is not a replacement for a furnace or heater. It is to be used as a temporary method. Five hours of use at a time is the recommended limit.

Fireplace Maintenance needs to be done correctly in order to ensure the fireplace will work efficiently. A dirty, ash-filled fireplace will not allow much heat to escape from it, and cause a safety hazard. Keeping it cleaned and burning only certain woods helps keep it safe and ready for use when it is needed. provides a free consultation for those looking to speak to a fireplace expert. Fireplace Guys will perform the necessary inspections and provide further tips for keeping the fireplace maintained and in good working order.

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