Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park Keep a Home Secure

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Business

Garages are much more to families than just a place to store their cars. Expensive sports equipment can be conveniently kept there. Often musicians set up their instruments or hobbyists repair their collections there. Garage Door Openers in Tinley Park are very important because they provide easy access and secure the area. The garage is often connected to the home by a door that has weak locks. Therefore the garage door needs to be secure at all times.

Garage door openers in Tinley Park have three components. There is the motorized portion that pulls the garage door up and down. A unit on the wall that controls access and allows the homeowner to input and change security codes. There is a remote control that is kept in the car. It provides car drivers and passengers easy access to the garage, while they are still in their vehicle. Many people feel much safer staying in a locked car until the garage door is lowered.

Technicians at AR-BE Garage Doors Inc can help homeowners pick out the garage door opener for their needs. Parents with small children appreciate the safety beams that constantly scan the area below the door. If they sense any movement, they reverse direction immediately. Similarly, if the garage door opener senses that one of the garage door springs has broken, it returns the door to the fully open position. This prevents the homeowner from being trapped in their garage.

Garage door openers require electricity to work. Many have a back-up power supply so that the garage will open during a power outage. Other units have manual release that will open the door in such an emergency. Entering a dark home late at night can be unnerving for people. Therefore, garage door openers have small lights that will allow people to see the interior of the garage.

Regular maintenance is important. It ensures that the springs are well lubricated and not on the verge of wearing out. Technicians also inspect the track that runs alongside the garage door and verify that the chain is secure. If any problems do occur, they can be there quickly to repair the garage door opener.

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