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by | Jul 31, 2015 | Business

Every property faces a veritable fire hazard and fire sprinklers are essential to prevent extensive damage should such an incident occur. To ensure that the sprinklers can do their work properly it is important to that they undergo regular inspection and maintenance. These inspections needs to be carried out according to NFPA standards which mean that only trained and certified professionals can do them well. For sprinkler inspections, firms schedule annual or bi-annual visits depending on the type of system or the kind of property one has. These scheduled visits are important because the experts do a thorough check for smooth running of the system so that they work perfectly during emergencies and keep the building safe.

During routine fire sprinkler inspections in NJ experts visually inspect the systems for proper orientation and support as well as clearance of all the sprinkler heads. They also check all the piping that they can readily view and access before they perform main drain tests to verify proper water volume and pressure levels. Next they lubricate the valves and test the flow switches by flowing water from the test connection. Alarm and other supervisory devices are thoroughly checked to ensure that proper annunciation, notification and connection to the building alarm system and fire department connections. They also check of obstructive pipe caps, proper signage and position of valves, system gauge calibration date, and water pressure levels.

Along with the above, fire sprinkler inspection firms conduct include testing of the tamper switches by fully running the valve and verifying that signals are received at the control panel or central monitoring station loud and clear. They also do an inspection of the spare head box so that proper inventory of spare sprinkler heads and wrench can be done. Experts who have a deep knowhow of the systems as well as the regulatory standards do these inspections which mean a comprehensive protection for your property.

When it comes to inspections, firms offer not just in-depth understanding of fire protection but world-class customer service as well. They offer protection and preventive services for residential, commercial, retail and community properties preventing fire hazards and damage all the way. These firms have trained safety professionals specialize in all aspects of fire protection and can thus provide a single source solution for all fire protection services. With the help of innovative technologies, proven experience, and a dedicated team they are the best solutions to manage a fire program.

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