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by | Jun 1, 2018 | Business

When it comes to executive security services in New York, you should demand the best! You need experience, talent, and a proven track record of keeping their clients safe. No matter if it is on site support for employees or a CEO that is traveling the globe, no aspect of your protection should be left to chance. You need the same service a dignitary would receive that is traveling to the United Nations Assembly. Do you deserve to feel less safe?

Every Detail of your Protection is Covered

There are many aspects and considered planning that is put into executive protection. Some of the details that you should consider when looking into a security company include:

* Assess threats on site and when traveling anywhere in the world
* The ability to minimize or eliminate those threats
* Military or Law Enforcement training and experience (including Special Forces and Federal Agents)
* Exceptional communications skills
* Driving skills
* Customer service skills
* Writing skills
* Judgment and decision-making skills
* Computer literacy
* Self-defense skills
* The ability and training with firearms

There are of course many other things to look for in a quality executive security company, some will be more or less important to you and your situation. This is a general list of what you should be looking for when it comes to your protection.

A Show of Force

When you hire a team to provide security for yourself or your employees you don’t want people that blend into the background. You want an undeniable show of force, and a presence that will give anyone looking to cause you harm pause for thought. Intimidate those with ill intent towards you before they even have a chance to act. For more information please visit

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