Good Denver Web Design Includes Varied Animations

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Internet Marketing

If you are a Denver business person and have a business website, then you need good Denver web design in order to get lots of traffic and sales. Site Wired Web Solutions has the graphic experts to get your site the visitors you need. One of the trending techniques they can use to attract potential customers to your website is to have varied animations to draw in visitors and get them to stay on your site longer.

Animation is the Trend

Web goers like to be entertained, even if they are shopping for a product or service. Animations are a great way to get browser’s attention and encourage them to stay on your website long enough to buy your services or products.

There are two main types of animations to choose from: large scale and small scale.

Large scale animations are meant to have a major impact on the users and are interactive in nature, such as scrolling, popups, etc. Small scale animations are not something requiring user input and include things like spinners, loading bars and hover tools. You can count on the Denver web design experts at Site Wired to help you find out which of these and other animation tools can get you the most sales.

The Most Popular Animations for Denver

Loading animations are those fleeting images you see while waiting for a site to upload the animation or video you want to see. They break up the boredom of a site and give a visitor something to watch before their video loads. Site Wired Web Solutions is one of the best in creating Colorado custom websites and our graphic artists can help you design one that matches your website’s color scheme and style.

Hover animations are also very popular. These are basically pop ups that appear when the user hovers their mouse over a certain area or word, getting a definition to popup to further explain it. This saves space for your website as it doesn’t need to be in a standalone box, and only appears when the user needs it, so it helps you and your customers.

Slideshows or galleries are another great method to help you showcase your products and also doesn’t waste your website space. Viewers can just skim through and see the items they want quickly and easily. You could also add in appropriate videos or background animation to help explain your product or service as well.

Site Wired Offers Best in Website Design in Colorado

So, if you are a business owner in the Denver, Colorado area, be sure to contact the experts at Site Wired to help you with your Denver web design and make your website more popular with your customers.

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