Things to Avoid in Custom Website Design

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Internet Marketing

Every business needs a good website to make an impression and attract customers, but you want to avoid becoming one of the online disasters that looks terrible and is impossible to navigate. Using a specialty service such as Sitewired for custom websites in Denver is the best way to avoid this, but there are steps that you can also take during the decision making process to ensure your site is the best it can be. Here are a few key things to avoid on your site:

1. Templates

If you haven’t used Colorado web design before, it can be tempting to use a free template. This results in a cookie cutter website that looks the same as every other local business and fails to make an impact. Choosing custom websites in Denver made by experts will ensure that yours is unique.

2. Hidden Contact Information

The main purpose of your website will be to attract more customers, but that is hard to do if they can’t find your contact details. Entrepreneur recommends making the ‘Contact Us’ button visible and accessible on every page. Asking your Colorado based web design firm to put your contact details visible on every page is an even better option.

1. Outdated Design

Nothing turns a customer off more than a web page that looks as if it hasn’t been updated since 1996. It says to them that the company hasn’t been able to adapt with the times either and makes them much more likely to go to a competitor. Look into modern trends in online graphic design and what best draws in customers and entices them to stay on a website for longer.

By talking over your options with your graphic designer, finding out what modern customers need from a website, and how you can encourage increased sales, you will have a great optimized online presence and not a candidate for the bad design hall of fame. Like us at Facebook

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