Good Reasons to Choose Malaysian Hair Weaves Over Synthetic and Human Hair

Malaysian hair is one of the rarest forms of human-weave hair found in Asia. This hair has excelled in the market, as it is characterized by a brilliant luster, durability, soft feel and versatility. As a result, Malaysian hair has been successfully installed in both weaves and wigs throughout the globe. There are many reasons why you should choose Malaysian hair, instead of synthetic hair and low-grade human hair for your installations.

Long Lasting

In terms of durability, synthetic and low-grade human hair pale in comparison to Malaysian hair. Malaysian hair is durable, enduring wear after wear, while still retaining its beauty, shine, and appeal. With this said, regular human hair develops a drab and dry appearance over time, losing its initial bounce, developing frizz, and resisting your attempts to style it properly. Synthetic hair presents an even more dire issue. It has a shorter lifespan than any other hair, in most cases, developing unsightly flaws over time. Hence, if you want hair that can last, choose Malaysian hair weaves, not the cheaper alternatives.

Natural, but, Lustrous Appearance

The beauty of Malaysian hair is that it appears both natural and lustrous simultaneously. Synthetic hair tends to exude a noticeable shine, but not a natural luster. In fact, synthetic hair weaves appear wig like because of this very artificial shine. Many forms of low-grade human hair lack sufficient shine, making them very drab in appearance. However, Malaysian hair comprises the perfect combination of both shine and natural appearance. It flows like real hair but exudes a brilliance that is simply unmatched.

Tangle Free

Malaysian hair weaves are resistant to both tangling and matting, unlike human and synthetic hair. If you have a synthetic weave installation, it may appear beautiful within the first 24 hours. However, after a single night of rest, the hair will begin to frizz, expand, matt and clump together, leaving you in a state of bewilderment. Human hair may also begin to matt and frizz over time without the proper care. Malaysian hair, however, will remain clump and tangle free. Given that this hair is naturally healthy and strongly reinforced, you can only anticipate the best.


Try to avoid applying bleach to your Malaysian hair, as this may compromise the shine, strength, luster, and quality altogether. It is also important to note that you should apply high-quality hair products best suited for Malaysian hair. Finally, avoid applying excessive heat, and use a wide tooth comb whenever possible to prevent damage.

It is also recommended that you restrict the quantity of oil or sheen based products you apply to the hair, as this will produce a wig-like effect if you do not follow these guidelines. Finally, purchase virgin Malaysian hair if possible, as this is superior in quality to processed hair.

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