Helpful Advice on Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Booking an extra saucy boudoir photography session sounds like a lot of fun. Don’t know where to start, though? Here’s some advice you’ll find useful.

Find out why

First off, ask yourself why you want to do it. Maybe you think it’s fun. Maybe you want a present to give your partner, which is one of the reasons more and more women are booking these services, the Babble says. Or maybe you want to feel sexy and look your best, post-pregnancy body and all. Your reasons will help you figure out what you want for the rest of the shoot.

Choose a pro

Before you book a boudoir photo shoot in Orange County, scout around for a pro, one you can trust. Gauge your comfort level with the photographer. Are you at ease, comfortable, and relaxed? That’s going to help create the best images.

Do it with friends

It’s normal to feel silly and nervous about doing this for the first time. it may be a good idea to book the services of a photographer along with a makeup artist and hairstylist with your friends. Then you could each go to a private room for your individual shoots. That’s one way to lessen the nerves you feel about doing a boudoir photo shoot in Orange County. You and your friends can root for each other, check each other’s makeup and hair, and as a bonus, even get your photos taken together as a group. That’s one memory you’ll all love to look back on years from now.

Leave your old lingerie at home

Do the same for your granny panties. They may be comfortable but they aren’t going to be right for the shoot. Shop for new lingerie pieces instead. You’ll look your best and be more confident for the session.

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