High Brow Humour: Keep the Swears and Dirty Innuendos at the Docks

KeynoteMotivationalSpeaker.bizIt is a little discouraging that words that once were considered completely taboo are popping out of the mouths of moms, corporate head honchos and of course the mouths of babes. The babes are dropping F-bombs like they were cherry bombs much thanks to their mom’s and dad’s potty mouths. The corporate head honchos and their underlings are using them because somehow the line between common decency and professionalism was crossed and we can’t seem to find our way back again. Unfortunately it seems that today’s offices are now a safe haven for the worst possible language and sadly very few of us even flinch when we hear the common potty mouth term for poop. If your office seems to have a case of cursing diarhea a Clean Corporate Humorist might help set a good example at your next conference or event.

Keeping it Clean

Marge Simpson once quipped “Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn’t even notice.” That seems to have happened to society in general. It used to be words such as “sucks” would never have reached the airwaves yet now it is as common as any other word. Even worse words have also become main stream. It doesn’t mean we all have to be prudes it just means we have to make an effort to keep things clean as adults not only around children, but whenever we are in professional situations. A clean corporate humorist can help a wayward team remember where they are and be reminded to try to keep things clean.

Raising the Bar

Many mothers would have given dad the evil eye across the table for swearing with a swift reminder: “Not in mixed company.” Yet today it seems anything goes and in front of anyone be they man, woman or child. We have to make the effort to raise the bar from low brow bathroom humour to insightful, tasteful quips that have no possible way of offending. We all want to avoid getting ourselves into trouble by saying the wrong thing as it could very realistically lead to sexual harassment accusations. It seems people are so immune to swearing and dirty innuendos they get a kick out of the potential shock factor of being as vulgar as possible. Really? Have we become that desensitized?

A clean corporate humorist can help get staff to make a pact to at least keep the foul language and lewd innuendos down at the docks.

If you are looking to hire a respectable clean corporate humorist for your next event, Doug Dvorak is your man. Visit KeynoteMotivationalSpeaker.biz for information.

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