How To Carry Out Effective Termite Control In Indianapolis IN

Termites can be very dangerous and therefore their control should only be done professionals. For you to be able to identify a termite infestation in your home, inspection must be done first by pest control professionals. Also, they may employ stations for monitoring termites that are placed within the soil that is having the suspected infestations. Once they have identified the highly active areas, the monitoring stations are replaced by bait stations.

Termite baits consist of cardboard, paper or other palatable food that is combined with a slow-acting substance toxic to termites. The baits are installed at strategic points either below the ground out in the yard in cylindrical plastic stations or placed indoors over active mud tubes. The foraging termite feeds on the bait that is transferred to the rest of the colony. After sometimes, several generations of the termites within a colony will be killed.

As it is well known, bait stations are one of the effective ways to kill generations within the colony and also to treat the entire infestation. However, their results may not be quick enough to deal with areas that experience extremely large population and severe damage. Instead, Termite Control Indianapolis IN may use conventional liquid insecticides to address the problematic areas as they are more effective.

Apart from the use of pest control insecticides, homeowner assistance is important in termite control. This is done by reducing possible termite food sources such as addressing moisture sources and wood piles. The homeowners are supposed to repair any plumbing or roof that is leaking as termites like cold conditions. This is an important step to help you control existing termite infestation as well preventing it in the future.

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