How to Find High Profile Breast Implants in New York

If you are looking for the most high profile breast implants in New York, the new Gummy Bear technology, created by Sientra, is the latest generation of implants. It is called Gummy Bear because of the way the implants feel, which is natural and soft just like breast tissue. This cohesive silicon technology is safer than other types of silicon or saline implants because they will not rupture or leak. Women have been flying in from all over the country to get this natural look that offers different shapes and sizes to naturally fit their body type. Many celebrities and TV stars are now choosing Gummy Bears because of the reduced risk of complications, their natural appearance and realistic feeling. There were only four doctors entrusted by Sientra to train surgeons on the Gummy Bear procedures in the United States. Dr. Fiorillo is one of them and has over 16 years of experience. He is a well-known plastic surgeon. If you want a name you can trust, his team will be able to deliver the same exceptional quality they have since 1998.

The Advanced Plastic Surgery Center is Confidential

These high profile breast implants in New York are FDA approved, and your procedure is completely confidential. You will be able to look at the gallery of shapes and sizes to find what will fit naturally with your body type. Because Dr. Fiorillo is in high demand among celebrities, he has always acted with the utmost sensitivity to privacy concerns and confidentiality. Why not choose the high profile breast implants in New York that other celebrities and TV stars have chosen and know you are going to get the highest quality care in the industry?

Highly Sought-After Expertise

Dr. Fiorello is considered one of the best in his field and is also double board certified.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, you will want to choose a doctor that is highly sought after and has an impeccable reputation. Of course, no good reputation is built without many years of experience. Dr. Fiorillo is experienced in primary augmentations (increases size and proportions) and revision augmentations (corrects previous primary augmentations). He has performed over 3,000 breast augmentations since 1998. Dr. Fiorillo’s favorite type of implants is Gummy Bear, which has been on international markets for over ten years in Canada, Europe and South America.

Gummy Bear breast implants are the best choice for high profile breast implants in New York because they are safe, natural, and only provided through the best surgical teams. Dr. Fiorillo has been interviewed on many news channels and TV shows such as Fox News and The View. He upholds the highest standards of the industry and has helped many people dealing with difficult physical issues.

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