How to Get Your Home Ready for the Installation of Radiant Floor Heating

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

RADIANT FLOOR HEATING is a smart way to warm a home. Using an under-floor heating system has many advantages over other types of heating systems. When a homeowner is going to have this installed into his home, it’s beneficial to learn how to prepare. When a person is using the services of a contractor, this will allow the workers get right to work on the project. The following tips can be used for this task.

Before the contractor and his crew arrive at a home, a homeowner should thoroughly read any contract that was signed. All parties involved in the contract should know their duties so there will not be confusion on installation day. If there is a problem with the contract or an issue that is not addressed, a contract may need to be revised or rewritten to accommodate all factors relating to the installation.

The contractor and his crew should have ample parking space for their vehicles. The space in the drive-way and in front of the curb should be cleared the morning these workers are to arrive at the home. There should not be any obstacles that prevent the workers from entering a home. All lawn furniture, toys, and other items should be removed from pathways into a home.

It’s important to keep pets in a contained place while the new heating system is being installed. Children should be kept out of the work areas as well. Wall hangings in the work areas and rooms adjacent to the work areas should be removed. Pounding and other noises can cause vibrations. This can result in these household goods falling and breaking. All furniture and other household goods should be moved out of the work areas before the workers arrive. This will let the contractor and his crew get right to work.

Installing RADIANT FLOOR HEATING can help reduce air toxins and help a person save on energy costs. For more information on this type of heating system, please visit Burgeson’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can handle many services for residential and commercial customers including regular air conditioning maintenance for improved performance.

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