How to Research Chimney Contractors in Long Island NY

A chimney is a structure that provides a way for gases and smoke to escape into the outdoors. This gas or smoke comes from a fireplace, boiler, stove, or furnace. When these gases and smoke can’t leave an area, it can be dangerous to household occupants. An accumulation of creosote and soot inside your fireplace can ignite and cause a fire. To ensure proper safety and functionality, it’s important to locate Chimney Contractors in Long Island NY like the ones at US Chimney Long Island NY who can maintain and repair your chimney.

If you have not worked with a chimney contractor before, get suggestions from people you know such as friends and relatives. Inquire about the quality of customer service and workmanship to form a preliminary opinion about each candidate. From the list you compile, choose two Chimney Contractors in Long Island NY to further investigate.

Once you have your two candidates, call each for a brief conversation. First contract with a chimney contractor can reveal a lot of information. If you call a professional and are met with a generic greeting such as “chimney sweep” or “chimney services”, politely ask for the full name of the business. When you are met with hesitation or an attempt to change the subject, the chimney contractor may be trying to work under dubious business names. When this happens to you, move on to another candidate.

When you talk to each candidate, ask important questions to decide whether you want this person to work on your chimney. Here is a list of questions to pose:

1. Do you have a state license?

2. Are you insured?

3. Are you a member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America?

4. Can you provide current references?

These questions are aimed at eliminating prospects who don’t have the right factors to be valuable Chimney Contractors in Long Island NY. It’s essential to find the right chimney contractor who understands the potential hazards of gases and smoke inside a home. Also, a chimney contractor should understand that anatomy of a chimney and how to repair it. Learning about your potential chimney contractors will enable you to find one with the right qualifications to meet the specifications of your job. Visit website for more details.

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