How To Select The Best Quality Metal Finishing Methods

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

In today’s world, manufacturing methods have sought that respond to the demands of all clients. While some industries desire their products to respond as expected to the environmental conditions in which they must operate, customers of these products may also desire a “finished” look. They want their goods to look as good as they function. When it comes to metal, there are many different types of quality metal finishing processes that offer the promise of achieving these twin goals. How does a manufacturer select the best method to produce the desired and necessary result?

Practicalities to Consider

When it comes to selecting the highest quality metal finishing treatment, you need to look at two aspects. These are the metal to be finished and the financial aspects. This applies to both the company who wants the component finished and the actual finishing company. Both will take into consideration specific aspect of the metal and the process. When it comes to specific consideration of the metal components requiring finishing, it is very important to look at such factors as:

1. The thickness of the scale or rust on the component
2. The composition of the metal – some treatments are more suited to specific treatments. This is particularly true when it comes to creating a bath solution that will result in a high-quality metal finishing
3. Actual condition of the metal
4. Allowable metal loss
5. The surface finishes tolerances
6. Production requirements – environmental and structural
7. The shape and size of the workpieces or components
8. Production amount – Is it designated to be batch or mass finishing?
9. Equipment availability
10. Turnover time – How soon can the metal be processed and returned to its manufacturer?

The second part of any industrial concern, as well as that of the finishing company, is financial. How much will the process cost? Will doing batch or mass treatments be less expensive? If so, will the reduction in price result in a decrease in the quality? Metal finishing of the components must not be inferior in any way if everyone intends to be successful.

Why Is Quality Metal Finishing so Important?

Selecting the right quality metal finishing treatment is important. The process is an integral part of ensuring a product is safe and durable. It is during the process of metal finishing that metals components receive the protection and enhancement they require to withstand the strains and stresses of the environment.

If a metal product is not finished, it will not be able to endure the conditions it is expected to. The lifespan would be shorter. Corrosion would set in prematurely, and the structure could collapse unexpectedly or the component rust out on your washing machine or other appliances. Bridges and other types of infrastructure would put people at risk as would aircraft and marine transportation. By altering the surface, the finishing process imbues the metal part with these capabilities.

Manufacturers and finishing companies work together to ensure the public and private sectors provide their clients with safe, durable products. They make certain that the components of items are capable of performing their functions. However, by choosing high-quality metal finishing companies, manufacturers can go that one step further and make certain their products are among the very best available.

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