How to Work with Local Moving Companies in Birmingham, AL

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Moving

“We’re moving.” These few words can either spark excitement or nervousness in a person; in some cases, they do both. This is because moving to a new location opens the door to new opportunities in life—opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. However, moving is also a big job involving many steps and responsibilities. Reputable local moving companies in Birmingham, AL, can help you effectively navigate the moving process.

Important Details before Moving Day
After you’ve hired a moving company, plan to be available when the company’s service representative arrives at your house to get your appliances ready to ship. Be sure that all of your electrical and mechanical equipment is serviced for shipping before the moving truck arrives. Also, before your moving day, make a note of all of your extremely fragile belongings, and decide which items shouldn’t be moved or packed. You should also label any boxes or items you’ll want first as soon as the moving truck gets to your new house, such as electronics or valuables.

Other Pre-moving Day Tips
You may prefer to do your packing as opposed to taking advantage of packing services available through the top local moving companies. Birmingham, AL, companies will need you to ensure that everything is prepared to travel before your moving day if this is the case. It can also be helpful to collect all of the items you would like packed together, including the kids’ toys, and put them into a group together. You’ll also need to unplug your appliances—including audio equipment, stereos, and computers—24 hours before your move so that they’ll be at room temperature during your moving day.

Moving Day Tips
If possible, be present when all of your goods are being loaded onto the moving truck on your moving day. After you tour your home for the last time once loading has been completed, be sure to check and then sign your local moving company’s inventory. A leading moving company has a move coordinator who can answer any of your questions as they crop up to ensure that your entire move is smooth from start to finish.

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