What Is Return Merchandise in NC?

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Business

Have you heard of friends or other businesses making a profit from return merchandise in NC? The business of return merchandise is gaining in popularity, as it is a way that you can quickly make large profits. What exactly is return merchandise? How does it work? Is it something in which you can become involved?

What Is Return Merchandising?

You can profit from selling products by purchasing them in bulk and below their market value. In most cases that someone refers to selling returned merchandise, they’re speaking about a pallet, generally made up of hundreds miscellaneous items.

From Where Does This Merchandise Come?

Many might be concerned about the legitimacy of such business transactions until they learn from where all of this merchandise originates. In short, all of this merchandise comes from retailers. These retailers sell these pallets of product to a distributor, who then resells the items either in bulk, or individually. Why? There are various reasons that retailers would want to do this. In some cases, items have actually been returned by customers. In these cases, there will be a variety of items. These retailers may not want to go through the hassle of discounting the returned items, repackaging them, and then finding places for them on store shelves. Indeed, many times this is too time-consuming, or would require retailers to make room, which could be difficult if the store is stocked appropriately. Many retailers have very specific floor plans that cannot be modified.

In other cases, there may be mistakes or bad estimates that cause a store to have far too many of one particular item. When this happens, the retailer can’t return the excess product to the manufacturer. In order for them to keep it in store, they’d have to use valuable floor space and deep discounts to get rid of the overstocked product. This is unattractive to store owners for many reasons. Instead of selling the overstocked item, often at a loss, most retailers would rather put more popular items out onto the sales floor. There’s often worry about what price point will cause customers to buy the product, and then there’s concern about returns of the item.

Instead of dealing with the many problems associated with selling these products, retailers can choose to sell the merchandise in bulk. This is where all of this product comes from. Why would you be interested in purchasing these products?

You Can Profit From Returned Merchandise

These items that have been liquidated by retailers are often sold at deep discounts. In some cases, the retailers are unaware of what specific items are on the palettes, and thus do not concern themselves with appropriate pricing. They aren’t concerned with profiting from the sale. Instead, they are far more concerned with ridding themselves of the overstocked or returned items. Since that’s the case, it’s possible to make a good profit off of return merchandise.

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