Enhance Your Business with a Self-Propelled Boat Trailer

Hydraulic trailers – specifically self-propelled models – are built for unmatched convenience, safety and profitability. In contrast to other types of trailers, hydraulic models are much more efficient and cost-effective. If you own a boat storage yard, investing in a self-propelled trailer may be the best decision of your career. By making it easier for professionals to store more boats on-site, self-propelled trailers, as well as other hydraulic trailers, leave the door open for higher profits.

What’s Included?
Self-propelled hydraulic trailers offer no shortage of convenient, time-saving features. With an easy-to-use operator’s station, hydraulic arms, and more, you’re sure to complete all of your work in a fraction of the time. These types of trailers are built to be expedient. Knowledgeable professionals can help you determine whether or not a self-propelled boat trailer is right for your operation. Self-propelled trailers manufactured by quality companies come equipped with some of the following features:

* Open-bridge operating station
* Hydrostatic four-wheel drive
* Two-speed hydraulic drive units
* Hydraulic orbitrol
* Inward-slanting hydraulic arms
* Diesel engine

Make the Most of Your Storage Facility
When it comes to boat storage, professionals are usually limited by the flexibility of their boat transportation methods. Unlike other trailers, self-propelled models don’t need a vehicle to do the heavy pulling. To reposition a boat, all an employee has to do is use the operator’s station, which controls the entire trailer. No vehicles are needed. With a self-propelled trailer, you’ll have the freedom to be more strategic in terms of boat storage. Rather than trying to cram boats into a space using a truck and trailer, you can use a self-propelled model to place them gunnel-to-gunnel.

New & Pre-Owned Trailers
Investing in a hydraulic trailer – especially a self-propelled boat trailer – is a large step. So, shopping around for the best prices without sacrificing quality is always a smart idea. Fortunately, you can find different pre-owned models with the help of a trusted manufacturer. So, whether you’re interested in a newly-manufactured trailer or a pre-owned model, there are plenty of options available to you on the market. Even if you’re unable to find a self-propelled model you want, there are still numerous hydraulic trailer models available through reliable sellers.

To find a new or pre-owned self-propelled trailer, contact HOSTAR Marine. For details, visit their website at hostarmarine.com.

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