A Brief Overview of Side Loading Garbage Trucks

Side loading garbage trucks are an interesting sight to see. They look like a twisted garbage truck, but they get the job of removing trash done effectively and efficiently. These trucks are commonly used to remove trash at apartment buildings, in residential areas that are heavily populated, in suburban neighborhoods, and at commercial establishments that have a lot of trash. There are two types of side loading garbage trucks. The first one is used for emptying dumpsters in high capacity areas, and the other is used most commonly for emptying trash cans that are placed on the street in residential areas.

Two Types of Side Loading Trucks

1. Automatic Side Loading Garbage Trucks. Everything is automated on these trucks, so workers have to do less than they would if they were using regular trucks for trash collection purposes. However, the reality of automated collection is that you still may need to do manual work. Automated side loading trucks are simple to operate. The automated arm picks up trash cans with little effort being needed on the garbage collector’s part. An optional cart tipper is available to make collection efforts easier. With this cart, trash is collected on both sides of the street at once, so only one trip down the street is needed.

2. Manual Side Loading Garbage Trucks. These trucks work just like the name implies. They need an operator to control them throughout every step of the process. The truck lifts the trash into the air, before dumping it in the side of the truck rather than the back as you would with standard garbage trucks.

Which Type is the Best?

Both automatic and manual side loading garbage trucks have their advantages. Neither is better than the other, they are simply used for different purposes. Many municipalities across the nation have both types of trucks in their fleets, because they use each of them for different types of garbage collection tasks. They typically use automatic side loaders for residential trash collection since only one pass is needed to collect all of the trash on a residential street, and they typically use the manual side loaders to empty dumpsters and to collect large items that are set out such as mattresses or furniture. However, both types of trucks can be used for all of the above purposes. It really just depends on the city in question, and what way they prefer to get the job done.

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