Video Analytics Rid Systems of Virus’ and Evolving Threats

by | May 7, 2015 | Security Systems

Security systems must be adaptable in this new modern business climate. It is easy to say that a security system is intact and constantly working. Advanced computer analysts know the fallacy of complacency. If they do not update their system and stay on top of the data received, they open themselves up to threats. Web marketers inherently rely on analytic data to beat the competition and stay ahead in the race. Computer security is no different. Companies that fail to evolve and update will wind up a victim of a substantial threat. Large companies could survive. Small businesses, on the other hand, have an unfair competitive handicap. They lack the resources to bounce back quickly, and it could force them to fall under.
Video Analytics Are Like Virus Programs

Computer owners deal with this issue on a smaller scale. Web pages carry code attachments often referred to as malware or spyware. It is ubiquitous and everywhere. Worse yet, it constantly evolves. A computer owner may have one program to fend them off, but the owner does not update it. If they stick with one virus scanning system, there will undoubtedly be holes. No one program can fend off every threat. Each update or scan brings forward new data. The data received in these reports provides insight into what threats are out there. For example, one report detailed that the program removed 4,000 malware directory files. Does this make it very clear that malware in the directory is a serious problem?

Call and Response

Video Analytics act as that screening. The security system provides analytic data that can be organized and reviewed. Experts then enact changes to their protocols based on the information regurgitated. The system reports the facts. It may make suggestions based on these facts, but it is up to the company to enact a response.

Threats are everywhere. Though this is not a scare tactic, it should wake up many companies that are slacking off in their security measures. A stagnant system cannot stay on top of new threats that evolve as a germ or virus. A response protocol measure is often based solely on the analytic reports.

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