How to Set up an Effective Business Furniture Expo Display with the International Woodworking Fair

by | May 5, 2015 | Business

When you choose to set up an exhibition at the International Woodworking Fair, we make sure we provide you with a wide range of options for the most effective marketing and advertising tools available. Our options provide your business with the opportunity to increase booth traffic during the expo, increase your sales both at the expo and afterwards, and create a strong brand awareness that you can carry into the future.

Our marketing opportunities provide your company with unique and cost-effective strategies to expand your customer base and reach your target audience before, during, and after the expo. After you take advantage of the amazing opportunities we have to offer, there are still some things you should remember while designing and preparing for your first business furniture expo with the International Woodworking Fair. Combining our marketing strategies with a compelling and effective exhibition will ensure the maximum return on investment and future growth for your company.

Our Marketing and Promotional Tools

We offer you a wide range of promotional opportunities to take advantage of before the expo or on-site. We also offer packages which combine these opportunities to bring you the most effective promotional tools available. Our network is strong and when you take advantage of our opportunities, we can advertise your company’s products and services in such places as digital magazines, through email and direct mail, and through the use of rotating banners online and on site.

Our show planner online listing and upgrades option is a free service that we provide to our participants. The planner matches your company with registered attendees for the business furniture expo, allowing you to spread the word for your upcoming exhibition further by expanding your network of contacts, helping you build new business relationships, and effectively promoting your products and services.

Your Responsibilities

While we provide you with the best tools to help spread your company’s message, strengthen your brand awareness, and expand your business network, it is ultimately up to you to make the best of all this when the day of the business furniture expo arrives.

While planning for your exhibition, make sure your display will be powerful as well as visually appealing. Be sure that it is both eye catching and clear about its meaning or message from a distance. It is also important to plan a system for inquiries from potential customers. There are many ways to record customer information, whether more personally by having an assistant take names on a computer, or the classic hard copy “request info” form that the individual fills out themselves.

During the expo, consider running a special offer or promotion on your business furniture. Maybe have some giveaways handy that display your company’s logo and message or motto.  Make sure your display looks as good as you planned and doesn’t interfere with your neighbor’s displays, and remember to be courteous. Be helpful and friendly, and make sure that none of your staff is eating or doing anything else that could appear unprofessional.

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